The operating system for business

Zoho One offers a complete and customizable platform to overcome communication barriers between departments and improve your business’s performance

See how Zoho One can help your entire business


Sell across channels

CRM Mobile

Sell in-person and on the go with the CRM mobile app.


Associate every email exchange to a customer record.


Bridge your CRM and phone system for smarter calls.

Social Media

Generate leads and follow customers through social media.

Live Chat

Chat with and sell to your website visitors.

Online Meetings

Schedule online meetings and sales calls.

Define and automate your sales process


Get a complete view of your customer.


Sales Project Management

Build structured and repeatable sales processes.


Business Intelligence

Track sales targets, average deal size, and other KPIs.

Create quotes, sales orders, and invoices

Create and send quotes quickly.

Generate sales orders.

Convert approved estimates into invoices.


Build and optimize your website and online store

Website Builder

Quickly build a professional website.

Online Store

Create and manage your online store.

Visual Analytics

Review heatmaps and scrollmaps to see how visitors use your website.

A/B Testing

Run A/B tests to meet goals and improve website engagement.

Automate marketing processes and boost your ROI

Marketing Automation

Automate marketing processes with visual customer journeys.



Attribute results of marketing campaigns to individual customers.


Business Intelligence

Track lead volume, ROI, and other KPIs in one place.

Engage prospects across channels

Email Marketing

Create, send, and track effective email campaigns.

Custom Forms

Create forms to capture lead and customer information.


Send targeted surveys to learn more about your customers.

Social Media

Post to and monitor your social media accounts from one place.


Improve Customer Happiness

Artificial Intelligence

Speed up response and resolution times with artificial intelligence.



Use sales and purchase data for superior support experiences.


Team Communication

Chat 1-on-1 and within channels to find answers for customers quickly.

Support Customers Across Channels


Create email support aliases for a professional look.


Bridge your help desk with your phone system.

Live Chat

Chat with customers and website visitors online.

Remote Assistance

Take control of your client’s desktop to solve problems remotely.



Track Receivable and Get Paid On Time


Create and send estimates.



Create and send partial, project-based, or recurring invoices.



Collect payments from customers.


Transaction Matching

Match payments with invoices to keep an accurate record of accounts.

Manage Payables and Expenses

Purchase Orders

Create and send purchase orders.

Expense Management

Scan receipts and manage expenses on mobile devices and the web.


Track mileage on employee activities for reimbursements.

Human Resources

Find new talent

Fill Openings

Create openings and post them to job boards.

Resume Parsing

Automatically turn submitted resumes into searchable candidate records.


Schedule interviews with candidates and hiring managers.

Create Offer Letters

Create and send offer letters for digital signatures.

Productivity and collaboration

Office Suite

Create and share sales documents, collateral, and presentations.

Collaborate with teammates in real time on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Create and share HR policies and training presentations.

Team Communication

Chat with teammates 1-on-1, or in dedicated channels, across devices.


Internal Social Network

Make posts, join groups, and collaborate with colleagues.