Jan 24

5 keys to unlock user engagement

An engaged user will not buy from you once, they will come back and refer others as well. Increasing their participation is worth it. Are they worth more than users who buy only once? Of course! The effort to obtain them is worth it and it is the reason why... read more →
Jan 14
Jan 12

Digital contract use cases

One of the biggest challenges in remote work is signing contracts and documents. It is no longer so simple to coordinate a place, date and time for the signature. For this reason, remote work resulted in an increase in the use of secure applications for signing contracts. They meet similar... read more →
Jan 05
Dec 28
Dec 17
Dec 14

8 concrete tips to boost productivity with Flokzu

Boosting productivity through workflow automation is more than just a trendy idea. It's a way to cut down on non-value-adding tasks and use your valuable resource, time, in a much better way. The goal of these tips will be to boost your team's productivity through workflow automation and business process... read more →
Oct 19

Anura improves its productivity and intervention in conflict cases with Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics

Configuration and integration of Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics with their IP telephony software. Telecommunications Company: Anura develops and provides unified communications solutions in the cloud (Telephony + telephone exchange). The company aims for more and more companies to have their telephone exchange platform in the cloud. “Nowadays, the... read more →
Aug 20

Do you know why using a CRM is important?

Using a CRM has different advantages that make it a key part of the sales strategy. But first, What is a CRM? In a literal sense, a CRM comes from the Customer Relationship Management concept, therefore, the future of each business. A CRM is essential in any business because the... read more →
Aug 13