Zoho One’s Path to Peace of Mind

Struggling with software issues and data silos is a common challenge for businesses adopting new cloud applications. Zoho One offers a sustainable solution with over 45 cloud-based applications and a unified user interface for a consolidated dashboard.

What’s new for Google Workspace admins? September 2022

Like every month, Google presents new updates designed to provide administrators with an easy, intuitive and secure experience. What are we going to find? More control, more security and more privacy are some of the improvements that have been implemented to improve the administration of Google Workspace.

5 keys to unlock user engagement

An engaged user will not buy from you once, they will come back and refer others as well. Increasing their participation is worth it. Are they worth more than users who buy only once? Of course!

Digital contract use cases

One of the biggest challenges in remote work is signing contracts. For this reason, remote work resulted in an increase in the use of secure applications for signing contracts.

Zoho and CX: a partnership to win

What is CX or Customer Experience? It is the result of the interactions that a client has with a company throughout their relationship. The focus is on the entire customer journey, from their first interaction until they buy a product or receive a service and subsequent support.

6 new features in Zoho Social – Social network management

Zoho Social is a tool to manage the social networks of a brand or company. It allows to unify the publication and scheduling of content from different digital assets. You can also generate reports, monitor social networks and interact. Everything from the same platform. What features have Zoho recently added? Video marketing: YouTube integration Now it is possible to publish and schedule video content on YouTube channels directly from Zoho Social.  Also you have the option to choose a custom video thumbnail. To respond in real time to all interactions. And includes video performance and audience characteristics metrics. Without need for additional tools.   Content approvals and workflows Work as a team in an agile way by setting up content approval processes. You can set up your own approval system to optimize your social media publishing routine. You have the option to assign team members as content approvers or as editors / contributors who can create and submit drafts for approval. Incorporation of UTM parameters when publishing. If you need to measure the source of each URL published, you can now define UTM parameters directly from Zoho Social.In order to obtain a breakdown of the participation of each source in […]

Tool customization to grow your business

Business technology tools are becoming more and more integrable, scalable and customizable for each type and size of company. Today it is possible to have a pre-designed application and adapt it or create applications from scratch in a simple way, for very specific needs. An example of this is the Zoho Creator tool, which allows the development of applications based on objectives. Why is customization important? Having customized, business applications has become increasingly important because it allows companies to be in control of what information to collect, how to collect it. And then analyze data to improve decision making. In this way, they can afford to be in control of their business activity. Businesses must be aware that their permanence in the market does not lie only in the products or services offered, but must be a conjunction of good products, excellent customer service and the greatest optimization of resources. To achieve this, it is necessary to improve operations, reduce response time, discover opportunities for improvement and increase productivity. It is no news that technology, when it is properly applied, has the capacity to bring significant savings, generate more control over processes and increase profitability. However, we know that it […]

At Etixen we are Zoho Advanced Partner. What does this mean?

The year 2020 was a year of hard work and dedication for all of us. Zoho awarded us with Zoho Advanced Partner status as recognition. Being a technology company, we had an advantage going into the year. We were used to working in-house and we had the tools. But it was not the only thing we needed, since the context was not only uncertain at the work level, there were many concerns in each person. That’s why as a team, we worked and gave more than 100% of ourselves to help our potential clients create a plan and transform digitally. Not only as companies, but prioritizing the adaptation of each person and clearing their doubts. With Zoho’s tools, businesses were able to manage their contacts and sales, send email marketing campaigns, create a ticketing system, manage their finances, among others. Some also chose an integral solution for their company, to start working 100% in the cloud. What does the recognition of being a Zoho Advanced Partner mean? Appreciation from Zoho for our perseverance and focus on partner objectives. Recognition of advanced knowledge and years of experience (8 in total) implementing various Zoho tools with great performance. Demonstrated commitment to Zoho […]

How to improve online product order management with Zoho Analytics

How is it possible to take charge of sales and also grow your business by outperforming the competition? One essential factor is to optimize order management. There are 3 main points that can help companies inject efficiency into their logistics. The 3 key aspects of order management: sales, returns and procurement. How to do it with Zoho Analytics? Procurement Lack of existence has always been a reason for companies to underperform. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor inventory closely to ensure optimal stock levels and meet revenue targets. One of the strategies necessary to optimize inventory is ABC analysis. With Zoho Analytics it is possible to make an actionable report.  It allows you to analyze inventory by sales volume and sales value. The report takes into account sales volume, the industry in which you operate, seasonality and other factors, to classify inventory as A, B and C. Category A is fast moving, B is constant moving and C is slow moving. By doing this and digging deeper into inventory data, companies are more likely to be well prepared for the future. The area will know the products that need to be purchased, stocked and shipped to maximize revenue. Sales One […]

Google Meet: working from home and making videoconferences efficient.

Staying connected while working from home. Therefore it’s important to consider: Designate a place to work. It’s important to designate a place to work as well as where not to. This will give you a place to rest. Also, when having online meetings, choose a suitable environment, plain walls and a sturdy place to support your computer. Routines. Help your brain achieve a productive mood. Follow your daily routines, like waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and “commuting” to your new workplace. This is the chance to experiment with alternative schedules that will make you more productive. Daily tasks list. You can plan hour by hour what you will do the next day, so you have to accomplish it. Also, you can list the 3 most important tasks to do in the day. Using Meet like a professional. Video quality You can reduce video quality when experiencing lag on the bandwidth. Also, you can have a videocall but receiving audio from your phone. Present Use both: present all tabs or just one. This way, you can present what you think is necessary. Record the conferences When in a meeting where you cannot forget any detail, you can use this function. […]