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Model your cloud workflow

Using the international standard BPMN and a simple drag-and-drop interface you can model your cloud workflow according to your organization’s reality. Combine tasks, deadlines, time management, business rules and notifications without writing a single line of code. Deploying and running your processes in minutes/hours (instead of weeks/months) is a key benefit of your cloud BPM.

Customize the form

Define the form that needs to be completed at each step of the process with an amazing Form Builder. Multiple field types and visibility options can be combined to meet every possible need. Default values, auto-populated content, functions and scripts to save valuable time and avoid mistakes. Arrange your fields using a grid layout and sections. A well-designed form is key to accomplish an intuitive and flexible cloud workflow.

Execute the process

A key feature of your cloud BPM is that assignees will receive pending tasks on their Inbox in their PC or mobile. As the process instance moves along the workflow, each task will be assigned to a user or role automatically. Each task will display fields, attachments and comments. Use filters and searches to quickly find what you need and identify which tasks are more urgent. Reassign tasks when needed and check the audit trail for changes.

Measure and Analyze

Statistics are key in your cloud BPM initiative. They will show you how your processes are doing: What tasks are currently delayed? Which users/roles have more tasks assigned? Historical data will help you make better decisions: amount of processes launched, how many were completed and which tasks are more time-consuming. Custom Reports let you focus on what matters the most to you and your team. Share them with whoever you want or schedule to send via email (e.g. every week) increasing your cloud workflow efficiency.


Integration with your other favourite web apps or legacy systems is a key feature in your cloud BPM. Form fields and workflow steps can be integrated with external systems via Zapier and Web Services (REST & SOAP). Every time a process instance goes through a given step on the workflow, it can send or receive data from other systems. An external website form, can launch a new process instance within Flokzu. Form fields can be populated using external data and attachments can be added directly from Google Drive.

Custom Reports

Create your own Custom Reports defining filters and display columns. Those reports can be shared with other users and sent via email to whomever you want. Schedule a report to receive relevant information from the previous days/weeks/months automatically. This will help delivering your cloud workflow information to whomever needs it, when they need it.


Databases within Flokzu can be used as spreadsheets to store parameters, shared data among processes or just centralize information. Insert records, look for them and update information automatically using the API. Databases are a valuable asset to make your cloud BPM more functional.

Dynamic Visibility

Define if certain form fields should be required, editable, read-only or hidden based on the task, another field value or a decision made. Dynamic form changes automatically, customizing your cloud workflow to your needs. The logic is defined using an intuitive tool or JavaScript for more flexibility.

Routing Rules

Add decision points to the workflow to adjust the path based on certain conditions (e.g. field values, decisions made or a combination of both). Your cloud BPM also supports parallel tasks allowing people to work simultaneously.

Deadline Enforcement

Timers and Due Dates let you ensure that the process will run in a timely manner. After a certain time passes or a date arrives, you can reassign the task, send a notification or take whatever action you think fit. Your Cloud BPM will help you meet your organization’s Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Email notifications

Automated emails can be included at any step of your cloud workflow, both to internal and external users. Customize recipients, subject and message of the email. Add form fields within the message body, which will be replaced with the actual value once sent.

Sandbox & Versions

The sandbox feature will allow you to test your processes without worrying about who is assigned to the tasks. Also, this feature was designed not to generate data in the trays or reports that may affect your real data.


The Substitutions feature will allow you to define a substitute for a user in a certain period of time. The substitute will be able to complete the tasks on behalf of the original assignee.