CloudM Manage

Get more from the cloud by using the manage package to administrate and automate your IT admin so you can get more from your people, more for your money and a more secure future for your business.

More for your money

Release the ultimate value from your productivity suite.
Automate your IT administration to implement lightning fast processes and seamless user management.

More productive people

Get your workforce up and running from the moment they start.
Drive adoption of your productivity suite to facilitate collaboration and autonomy.

A more secure future

Easily manage data compliance and governance from one place.
The ultimate peace of mind when it comes to the integrity of your files and email.

Administrate & Automate Using CloudM Manage

A one-stop-shop for IT admins. Automate onboarding and offboarding, manage email signatures and set up workflows for permissions, policies and processes for your productivity suite all from one place.

Email Signature Management

Design, set-up and manage email signatures dynamically for all users in your organization at the touch of a button.

User Lifecycle Management

Save time, secure your business and control license costs with powerful and automated user management.

Automatic User Onboarding

When new staff join your business it’s essential that they’re able to be productive from the moment they start.

Offboarding Workflows

Seamlessly and securely offboard deprovisioned users whilst keeping your license count and costs under control.

CloudM Smart Teams

Group people by department, team or even project and apply dynamic automation from a centralized platform for simple administration.

Global Content Directory

Promote workplace collaboration with the powerful people finder. Use smart search features to better connect colleagues, partners and suppliers.

Monitoring & Reporting

Continually improve the adoption and security of your productivity suite with powerful monitoring and visual reporting for Office 365 and G Suite.

Domain Management

Managing a domain is complex. From individual user management to wider permission sets, it’s vital to keep your business secure while users remain productive.