Etixen is the new name, adopted in December 2020, after reviewing the brand and image, based on better identification with our values and with a view to greater international projection.

Etixen was founded in 2011 by professionals with great corporate experience in national and international businesses, and in the use of technologies like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM.

However, we think that technology is decidedly directed towards “cloud” systems. This is our focus. Our partnerships with Google, ZohoFlokzu and CloudM allows us to offer a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes.

Our mission

Apply new technologies to solve real problems businesses and people are facing today.

Be the first to take advantage of the competitive benefits that come with a good use of technology.

Our Vision

Offer the best cloud technology. Grow and better ourselves always.

Why choose Etixen?

  • Because we compromise with our clients.
  • Because, having worked in first line businesses, we know your necessities and we can properly assist you.
  • Because we have experienced professionals on big business’s infrastructure  which allows us to guarantee a smooth transition.
  • Because we also have broad experience working with technologies like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and IBM.
  • Because we can help you integrate:
      • Corporate systems
      • External systems
      • Google Apps Marketplace
  • All in all, because we offer you an outstanding service.