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Cloud solutions for you

Google Workspace Partner, Zoho Advanced Partner

We are working on your business’s digital transformation

For 10 years. Providing expert advice, configuring business tools, training teams, migrating data and providing technical support per solution. Accompanying each business in its transition.

Google Workspace – formerly G Suite

The most robust and economical apps for businesses of all sizes.

  • Business email (
  • Safe videoconferences
  • Shared calendars
  • Create and save documents in Drive
  • Chat and collaborations rooms
  • Advanced security features

Zoho CRM

The most powerful, flexible and intuitive CRM.

  • Automate tasks.
  • Improve workflow.
  • Raise productivity.
  • Focus on leads.
  • Real time reports.
  • Email, telephony, social networks, live chat.

  One : the operating system for business

  • Maximize your sales.
  • Promote your business.
  • Support to your clients.
  • Do your accounting.
  • Human resources.

  CRM: automate your sales

  • Intuitive, powerful, flexible and customizable.
  • Automate tasks, improve the workflow and focus on leads.

  Campaigns: email marketing

  • Smart email newsletter templates.
  • Email workflows for personalized automation.
  • Full analysis of resuslts.
  • Monitor clicks.

  Books: procesos de contabilidad

  • Facturación Electrónica AFIP Argentina
  • Reporte de IVA Compras y Ventas
  • Reporte de Retenciones y Percepciones de Ingresos Brutos por jurisdicción.
  • Automatización de procesos

  Desk: customer support

  • Multi-channel.
  • Automate frequent tasks.

  Social: social media management software

  • Schedule and save time.
  • Personalized reports.
  • Real time monitoring.
  • Smart collaboration features.

  Remotely: remote work suite

  • Online meetings.
  • Document sharing.
  • Office apps designed for collaboration.

  Commerce: online store builder

  • Create an ecommerce website.
  • Manage your store.
  • Market your online store.
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